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Jiangsu shuangte Machinery Co. Ltd. (Dafeng City shuangte Machinery Co. Ltd.) is a former Ministry of machinery casting machinery backbone enterprises in Dafeng City, Jiangsu province, big casting machinery factory restructuring of enterprises , the industry advancsd units known. Companys with Yancheng Municipal Technology Center,, with big in, small mechanical processing and testing equipment more than 300 Taiwan, with annual output of metal surface treatment machinery more than 1000 Taiwan (sets) of production capacity, the products all adopt the CAD aided design. "enterprise culture atmosphere, positive progress, unity, hard work, full study, survival of the fittest", to build a highly efficient team, to enable enterprises to achieve supernormal and leaping development. Our main products are: through the pretreatment production line type plate, profile; sandblasting (shot) sandblasting room; coating production lines; series mixer; hook chain type shot blasting chamber; the rotary trolley, throwing spray cleaning room; steel, rubber crawler shot blasting chamber; drum type shot blasting cleaning machine; pipe inside and outside wall, H type steel wire shot blasting machine; shot blasting machine; sand molding line;.......<<详细>>
Address: Baiju Town Industrial Park in Dafeng City
Contact: Mr. Liu
Cell phone: 13815544535
Zip code: 224100
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